Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Killer Cop Gets His Wish

Mehserle trial moved out of Alameda County

The trial of killer BART cop Johannes Mehserle is being moved out of Alameda County. Apparently, he deserves to be tried in a lily-white suburb like Simi Valley. For those that don’t know, and it’s really a shame if you don’t know, please watch this video and see for yourself that an unarmed man was shot in the back while lying face down on the ground with another officer’s knee on the back of his head.

There are no other issues or extenuating circumstances to consider. A man is dead. He was unarmed and pleading for his life when he was shot in the back while lying face down on the ground with another officer’s knee on the back of his head.
Maybe you can argue that Mehserle didn't intend to murder Oscar Grant, but a man whose gross incompetence caused a little girl to lose her father SHOULD NOT BE ENTITLED TO SPECIAL TREATMENT.

Corporate media conjuring up sensationalistic fantasies of protestors “swinging from lamp posts outside the courthouse”

Judge orders release of full Meyers Nave report for use in Mehserle Trial

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fear in Sulu

The explosion that killed the two Green Berets and their Filipino counterpart in Jolo took place just days after the passage of a Senate resolution calling for the renegotiation or termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

After Death of US Troops, Sulu Folk Fear Escalation of Conflict

"In fact, so many have evacuated for fear of being caught in the crossfire.”

Monday, October 12, 2009

They shootin people, we payin for it

As if the City of Oakland wasn’t already hurting enough financially, two men, both of whom were unarmed when they were shot in the back by Oakland police, have received settlements of $2.7 million this fall. Charles Davis Jr., now a paraplegic, received $1.2 million earlier this month. The family of Gary King Jr., who was murdered while running away from a choking/tazering in 2007, received $1.5 million in late September.

It is worthy of noting that the police officer that murdered Gary King Jr., Sgt. Pat Gonzalez, who has also been involved in two other shootings, was the officer who was shot but survived the raid on the apartment where Lovelle Mixon was hiding. Since he was the only officer who was shot but survived, is it safe to assume that he was the officer that killed Mixon? Gonzalez would have quite a resume if that were true.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

US and RP are LYING about slain US troops in the Philippines

Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner, a spokeperson for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, initially said that the two US troops killed in a roadside bombing on Sep 22 were members of the US Navy Seabees, an engineering/construction battalion engaged in development projects such as the alleged construction of a school in Jolo.

A Malacanang spokesmen confirmed the LIE:

"This kind of act is very shameless because these guys are doing humanitarian assistance mission in the area, trying to push for peace in southern Philippines. We deplore this kind of barbaric act,'' Undersecretary Anthony Golez, deputy presiential spokesperson, told reporters.

“This is part of the threat of the consequence of their noble profession and the most important thing is to prevent this kind of incident in the future. And we must appeal to the perpetrators not to hamper the humanitarian assistance efforts in that province because they do not have any other reason but to push for peace in that area of this country," (Golez) said.
-Philippine Inquirer

And then US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney repeated the same LIE 6 days later:

“What happened to Filipino and American soldiers in Sulu is completely devastating. They were building a school in a community in Jolo that needs education, school facilities. They lost their lives helping others,” Kenney said.
-Philippine Inquirer

However, the truth is, the two slain troops, Sergeant 1st Class Christopher D. Shaw (left) and Staff Sergeant Jack M. Martin III, were both members of the US Army Special Forces. The 2 Green Berets were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Washington. US Special forces troops have been in Sulu since 2006, hunting down and killing alleged terrorists.

For those that don’t know, there’s a HUGE difference between Seabees and Airborne Rangers.

Despite being prohibited by the terms of the Visiting Forces Agreement, there is ample evidence that US troops have long been engaged in combat operations in the Philippines.

The US troops in the Philippines….. also join actual operations against “insurgent” or “terrorist” groups. “They help in ‘neutralizing’ high-profile targets,” Gadian said.

Philippine and US soldiers attack mosque in Jolo

RP confirms US soldiers fired guns in Jolo

Undersecretary Edilberto Adan, the commission's executive director, described the acts of the US forces as 'a justified response.'

Alleged irregularities in the handling of funds for the Balikatan exercises did not just happen in 2007. It is a “dirty pattern" that has been going on in the Philippine military’s annual joint exercises with US troops under the Visiting Forces Agreement.
-GMA News

Bayan USA

Surrender Smith

Friday, October 2, 2009

Filipino American History

October is Filipino American History Month.

Timeline by Filipino American National Historical Society

Filipino Migration to the US


SF State

CSU Chico

Peak Oil

San Francisco’s Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force

Fat Cats and Bigga Fish

Now that I have your attention, check out this video where Joe Saluzzi tells it like it is (i.e. it's a rigged game):
"Hope is not an investment strategy."