Monday, October 12, 2009

They shootin people, we payin for it

As if the City of Oakland wasn’t already hurting enough financially, two men, both of whom were unarmed when they were shot in the back by Oakland police, have received settlements of $2.7 million this fall. Charles Davis Jr., now a paraplegic, received $1.2 million earlier this month. The family of Gary King Jr., who was murdered while running away from a choking/tazering in 2007, received $1.5 million in late September.

It is worthy of noting that the police officer that murdered Gary King Jr., Sgt. Pat Gonzalez, who has also been involved in two other shootings, was the officer who was shot but survived the raid on the apartment where Lovelle Mixon was hiding. Since he was the only officer who was shot but survived, is it safe to assume that he was the officer that killed Mixon? Gonzalez would have quite a resume if that were true.