Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OPD pre-holiday drug sweeps

Coke don’t grow in the ghetto
Guns ain’t made in the hood

For Christmas this year, OPD wants to prosecute 100 Oaklanders for drug trafficking
"A lot of it is a fishing expedition," he said. "It starts with crummy little infractions: riding your bike on the sidewalk, or you have a dog without a leash, a taillight out, something like that. It lets us stop you and talk to you, and from there maybe we can find some probable cause, a way to legally find the drugs. A lot of people who don't know what police are doing see that and call it harassment."

Oh, we know they’re profiling. And it IS harassment.
Help from the several communities in which open-air drug markets operate is limited, Seder said. Many people say they won't help police for fear of becoming known as a snitch and facing violent retribution, he said.
"But if you're not going to stand up for the place you live in, what will you stand up for?" Seder said. “The neighborhood ends up being tacitly involved, in a sense, with the permissive attitude."

Cops want citizens to snitch, but cops don’t tolerate snitching amongst their own ranks. It’s probably the most sacrilegious thing a cop could do. Cops even refuse to admit their own mistakes, or admit the mistakes of their fellow cops. No one circles the wagons like cops do. No one. Their constant whining and complaining about citizens not snitching on each other is probably THE most hypocritical thing about cops.

Merry Christmas.

Hollow Points

Winchester to Deliver 200 Million 40-Cal. Rounds to Homeland Security

By Editor Monday, December 14, 2009
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Winchester Ammunition was recently awarded a contract by the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security to supply a maximum of 200 million, 40 cal. rounds over the next five years.
The load selected for this contract is a 135-grain, hollow point designed for the office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection. It will fall under the Winchester Ranger line.

Anyone care to speculate on why ICE might need to shoot off 4,566 hollow points every hour of every day for the next 5 years? Is this government waste (an end of budget spending spree), or a sign of things to come?

There are only 307 million people in the US. 15,000 of whom work for Homeland Security.

Hollow point bullets are NOT used for target practice. Their sole purpose is to kill a living target (or at least to scare the living shit out of a living target). American soldiers fighting terrorists are not allowed to use hollow point bullets. The Geneva Convention prohibits their use internationally. However, the Geneva Convention does NOT prohibit their use domestically.
These 200,000,000 hollow point bullets are clearly intended for use on THIS side of the border.

The 135 grain bullets have less penetration/stopping power than heavier rounds, but they are lighter to carry more of them. They are intended for use in sub-machine guns (like an MP10), not pistols. Such weapons are used for “room clearing,” NOT self-defense. It seems like whoever made the purchase was thinking about preparing ICE agents for major firefights rather than simply self-defense at close quarters.

Also, an order of this magnitude will clearly decrease the amount of ammunition being manufactured for other customers. Not just retail sale, but also sales to local law enforcement agencies. Was this also part of the agenda?

Friday, December 18, 2009

"Fundamentally it's really an issue of funding"

Check out these choice nuggets from a recent Tribune article.

"Bay Area roadways are in horrible disrepair, according to a new report that says state highways in Oakland and San Francisco are the second-worst in the nation and are only going to get worse without a significant infusion of cash."

And where will this money come from? The quick answer is the feds, which means China. Do they want to invest in better California roads? Are cars really the transport mechanism of the future? The Chinese seem to prefer bikes and trains in their own country.

"What's more, nearly 50 percent of Bay Area bridges and overpasses are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete."

Yes, half of all bridges and overpasses. Considering how there are more and more people living under these bridges and overpasses these days, someone should be concerned.

"With California's population continuing to grow, the state must improve its system of roads, highways, bridges and public transit to spark economic growth, avoid business relocations, and ensure the safety, the report said."

It's good news that people still want to come to California, and those people deserve better than outdated thinking.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is HAARP?

Watch Jess Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" on HAARP.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Arroyo Declares Martial Law in Maguindanao

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has placed Maguindanao under a state of martial rule and authorities quickly arrested the patriarch of a powerful political clan linked to the brutal slayings of 57 people in the southern province.

In a press conference in Manila on Saturday, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the martial rule in Maguindanao will allow authorities to arrest without warrants all those implicated in the killings and bring order in the province.
-Mindanao Examiner

“Proclamation No. 1959 is totally uncalled for,” Anakpawis secretary-general Cherry Clemente said, adding that it may be the start of Arroyo’s attempt to cling to power as her term approaches its end in June 2010.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Healthy Food in the Hood

This is ultimately the problem:

So the answer is obviously localization, right?
But what if you live in the concrete jungle?
Watch food activist Bryant Terry talk about quasi-apartheid in the food system, and advocate for projects that address food insecurity in the “food deserts” of low-income communities.

So how do we start to achieve "Food Justice?"
In this clip, he joins forces with Jason Harvey of the Oakland Food Connection during an organic soul party.

Jason Harvey talks about a
Rooftop garden
project in East Oakland.

And because “You can’t live on a corner store,” The People’s Grocery

If you made it through all of those, congratulations, here is your parting gift:
The Hood Diet

Monday, November 30, 2009

Massacre in the Philippines

In case any of you didn't know why CIA and US military involvement was bad for democracy in a region, just look at recent events in the Philippines, where US special forces have been training local troops and private militias in "counter-insurgency" for the past 7 years. In late November, a Mayor in Maguindanao brutally massacred 57 people over an election campaign before it had even officially started.

Electoral violence in an underdeveloped region may not be news, but the brutal nature of the massacre and who the victims were shows the level of perceived impunity with which local politicians feel entitled to in this region, largely because they know that US special forces are "training" in their area. Knowing that muslim insurgents/terrorists/bandits can always be blamed, warlord politicians don't even need to be physically protected by the green berets and "civilian contractors", because they know that as long as they're delivering votes to the puppet regime in Manila, the wheels of justice will be greased in their favor.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plan Sudamerica

Latin America
“A critical sub-region of our hemisphere where security and stability is under constant threat from... anti-US governments".
-USAF proposal for FY2010 military construction program

Scary stuff goin on in the Western Hemisphere, from a recent article in the The Independent:

The United States is massively building up its potential for nuclear and non-nuclear strikes in Latin America and the Caribbean by acquiring unprecedented freedom of action in seven new military, naval and air bases in Colombia. The development – and the reaction of Latin American leaders to it – is further exacerbating America's already fractured relationship with much of the continent.

The new US push is part of an effort to counter the loss of influence it has suffered recently at the hands of a new generation of Latin American leaders no longer willing to accept Washington's political and economic tutelage.

The fact that the US gets half its oil from Latin America was one of the reasons the US Fourth Fleet was re-established in the region's waters in 2008. The fleet's vessels can include Polaris nuclear-armed submarines – a deployment seen by some experts as a violation of the 1967 Tlatelolco Treaty, which bans nuclear weapons from the continent.

Consider that prior to 9-11, investigative journalists Mike Ruppert and Peter Dale Scott were calling Colombia and Venezuela
“The Next Vietnam.”
Indicators of the imminence of conflict are not to be found in whether the Senate or the House chops or adds a few dollars or helicopters which can all be restored without fanfare to the Foreign Aid Bill in Conference Committee at the last minute. They are to be found in the movements and actions of money, the U.S. military and some CIA/DoD connected corporations, possibly using "sheep-dipped" CIA and military personnel disguised as employees of private companies in roles that can only expand the conflict.

Colombia has oil, but not nearly as much as Venezuela, which has replaced Cuba as US public enemy #1 in the region. It's pretty obvious what is really going on, right?

Earlier this year, Foreign Policy in Focus wrote this report on developments in the region:
Two of the bases are clustered near each other on the Caribbean coast, not far from existing U.S. military sites in Aruba and Curaçao – and closer to Venezuela than to the Pacific Ocean. Why are U.S. negotiators apparently forgoing Pacific air sites, if the drug war remains part of the U.S. military mission? What missions "beyond Colombia's borders" are U.S. planners contemplating?

Still wondering what US interests in the region might be?

Even if you take these developments at face value, and actually believe that the US is merely interested in counter-insurgency training in its own hemisphere, please note that counter-insurgency/counter-narcotics/counter-terror operations all result in the same thing:
The history of U.S. anti-drug aid in Latin America…has primarily been one where "anti-drug" training, advisers and equipment get used to kill civilians opposing military dictatorships instead.
-From The Wilderness

For a little background on the Clinton-era "Plan Colombia/Andean Initiative" check out more of Ruppert's writing on the subject from several years ago.
With bases in place for 10 years and more, and the secrecy that accompanies such installations, the proposed agreement would constitute an end-run around the struggles to make U.S. policy in Colombia and the region less militarized.

Colombia has been the hemisphere's largest recipient of U.S. military aid since 2000, under Plan Colombia — more than $5 billion to date. Purportedly designed to halve the cocaine trade and subsequently refashioned to include fighting terrorism, the results of counter-drug programs have been a complete waste. There's been no overall decline in land planted with coca, nor in the amount of cocaine available in the United States. "Street prices" have held steady or dipped lower than when Plan Colombia began during the Clinton administration.

Actually, business has been booming.
After 10 years of eradication efforts, Colombia now has more than 575,750 acres of coca-plant cultivation -- a 25 percent increase! The United Nations reports that cultivation increased by 27 percent over the last year, and Colombia still produces 90 percent of the world's cocaine.
-Joel Brinkley, Cleveland Plain Dealer Op-ed, March 2009

Oh yeah, and here is another reason why US military occupation is bad:
Another sticky point is judicial immunity for U.S. soldiers and contractors, sought by Washington. In October 2007, two U.S. soldiers reportedly raped a 12-year-old Colombian girl at a U.S. facility inside a Colombian base, and were whisked away from Colombia rather than face trial there. But Foreign Minister Jaime Bermudez says U.S. soldiers will continue to enjoy such immunity under the accord.
-Foreign Policy in Focus

Swine Flu

So in order to pre-emptively let off some steam about a topic that will surely come up over thanksgiving dinner, let me just state very clearly, categorically, that I am very skeptical about the H1N1 flu and vaccine. My parents, both of whom used to work in the health care profession, seem convinced that I absolutely HAVE to get the vaccine.
Because I am a working class mud person, I have Kaiser health insurance. They are currently not allowing me to get a vaccine, and I have no problem with that. I hesitantly allowed my son to get the vaccine about 2 months ago, because he's a child, and children have proven to be susceptible to the virus. Not so much for adults, and I have a healthy immune system, and I also think that a fever, cough, headache, tiredness, or even nausea is a fair trade for a few days off from work.
More importantly though, there are legitimate questions about the safety, efficacy, and NEED for the vaccine.
I've been skeptical about swine flu mania since the very beginning (usually, when things get blamed on Mexico, the US is invariably to blame), and some recent events in the Ukraine raise some very pertinent questions that we all need to ask ourselves about who really benefits from mass hysteria over otherwise non-hysterical events.

Politicians in the Ukraine are capitalizing on a flu outbreak in that country in advance of elections in January. The President and Prime Minister are jockeying to proclaim to be the only candidate that can save the masses from the evil flu outbreak, which had a very rapid onset. In response, people are overreacting at the first hint of any related symptoms and hoarding supplies like surgical masks, flu remedies, and even garlic and lemon.

"What we're seeing is a normal psychological reaction to the complete incompetence of the state authorities. People are scared and they don't know who to trust any more."
-Semon Gluzman, a psychiatrist in Kiev, Ukraine

What's worse is that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has declared martial law in response to the outbreak, curtailing freedom of assembly in the final two months of a close election campaign, and he's even gone so far as to enact quarantine zones with mandatory vaccination policies in various parts of the country. Independent reports are alleging that thousands are dead within these quarantine zones, perhaps from the vaccine itself, and not from the flu virus.
News reports out of the country are unclear, but suffice it to say, something very fishy is going on over there.

We do know that the Ukrainian flu is similar to swine flu, but it isn't the swine flu.
We also know that politicians are trying to capitalize on the outbreak, and the public doesn't know who to believe.

Please people, don't believe the hype. Use your brain, do some research, and make your own decisions.

FYI - Kaiser is not sounding any alarms about H1N1 virus, and I don't believe that they are just trying to be cheap.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I can't think of any human being more deserving of international celebrity. Manny makes me proud to be a Filipino not because he is one of the greatest boxers in history, but more so because of who he is as a person. His achievement in his sport is a direct result of his motivations, values, work ethic, humility, and most of all, his humanity. Seeing him walk out on Saturday, with "Eye of the Tiger" blaring, with a sincere and genuine smile that I'm sure lit up the entire world on his way to what has thus far been the fight of this century was truly a great moment in sports history.
I mean seriously, dude booked himself a concert gig the same night as the fight. He could only hear out of one ear, so he must've sung horribly.
When all is said and done, Manny's impact on humanity will far surpass his impact on the sport of boxing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Biking Oakland

Meet the Scraper Bike King

npr interview

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gary King, Jr. mural back, and he's brought some friends with him too

After BART officials buffed the mural commemorating Gary King, Jr., who was murdered by OPD Sgt. Pat Gonzalez, artists have returned to make sure that the community never forgets.
More pics on Indybay

Unjust: Trying Cops in Copland

How many change-of-venue motions by defendants were granted in California during the entire year of 2008? None! And the legal trend is away from granting them (according to news reports and the Alameda County District Attorney’s motion opposing the venue change). Yet in this case, an exception was made.

Asking for a change of venue has been used repeatedly to acquit cops who’ve committed the most heinous crimes. And when these motions are granted, it usually means searching for a rural or suburban venue where a lot of people don’t believe a cop would murder a Black man in cold blood and for no reason in front of witnesses, as happened to Oscar Grant.
-Revolution #182, November 8, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OPD and building relationships with the Community

The “For A Safe Town” event was billed as a peace promotion event. Attendees were asked to sign a peace pledge before entering. Cops, however, did not have to sign that pledge, and were even allowed to bring guns into the park.

Their overwhelming numbers kept many residents of the community away, and created traffic problems.

In the wake of the Riders and Gary King Jr., and set against the back drop of killer BART cop Johannes Mehserle’s victory in court, I can’t think of a more confrontational stunt than what OPD pulled during a basketball game between them and the community.

They wore shirts threatening retaliation for Lovelle Mixon.
That ain’t bridge-building.
That’s infinite war.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Killer Cop Gets His Wish

Mehserle trial moved out of Alameda County

The trial of killer BART cop Johannes Mehserle is being moved out of Alameda County. Apparently, he deserves to be tried in a lily-white suburb like Simi Valley. For those that don’t know, and it’s really a shame if you don’t know, please watch this video and see for yourself that an unarmed man was shot in the back while lying face down on the ground with another officer’s knee on the back of his head.

There are no other issues or extenuating circumstances to consider. A man is dead. He was unarmed and pleading for his life when he was shot in the back while lying face down on the ground with another officer’s knee on the back of his head.
Maybe you can argue that Mehserle didn't intend to murder Oscar Grant, but a man whose gross incompetence caused a little girl to lose her father SHOULD NOT BE ENTITLED TO SPECIAL TREATMENT.

Corporate media conjuring up sensationalistic fantasies of protestors “swinging from lamp posts outside the courthouse”

Judge orders release of full Meyers Nave report for use in Mehserle Trial

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fear in Sulu

The explosion that killed the two Green Berets and their Filipino counterpart in Jolo took place just days after the passage of a Senate resolution calling for the renegotiation or termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

After Death of US Troops, Sulu Folk Fear Escalation of Conflict

"In fact, so many have evacuated for fear of being caught in the crossfire.”

Monday, October 12, 2009

They shootin people, we payin for it

As if the City of Oakland wasn’t already hurting enough financially, two men, both of whom were unarmed when they were shot in the back by Oakland police, have received settlements of $2.7 million this fall. Charles Davis Jr., now a paraplegic, received $1.2 million earlier this month. The family of Gary King Jr., who was murdered while running away from a choking/tazering in 2007, received $1.5 million in late September.

It is worthy of noting that the police officer that murdered Gary King Jr., Sgt. Pat Gonzalez, who has also been involved in two other shootings, was the officer who was shot but survived the raid on the apartment where Lovelle Mixon was hiding. Since he was the only officer who was shot but survived, is it safe to assume that he was the officer that killed Mixon? Gonzalez would have quite a resume if that were true.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

US and RP are LYING about slain US troops in the Philippines

Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner, a spokeperson for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, initially said that the two US troops killed in a roadside bombing on Sep 22 were members of the US Navy Seabees, an engineering/construction battalion engaged in development projects such as the alleged construction of a school in Jolo.

A Malacanang spokesmen confirmed the LIE:

"This kind of act is very shameless because these guys are doing humanitarian assistance mission in the area, trying to push for peace in southern Philippines. We deplore this kind of barbaric act,'' Undersecretary Anthony Golez, deputy presiential spokesperson, told reporters.

“This is part of the threat of the consequence of their noble profession and the most important thing is to prevent this kind of incident in the future. And we must appeal to the perpetrators not to hamper the humanitarian assistance efforts in that province because they do not have any other reason but to push for peace in that area of this country," (Golez) said.
-Philippine Inquirer

And then US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney repeated the same LIE 6 days later:

“What happened to Filipino and American soldiers in Sulu is completely devastating. They were building a school in a community in Jolo that needs education, school facilities. They lost their lives helping others,” Kenney said.
-Philippine Inquirer

However, the truth is, the two slain troops, Sergeant 1st Class Christopher D. Shaw (left) and Staff Sergeant Jack M. Martin III, were both members of the US Army Special Forces. The 2 Green Berets were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Washington. US Special forces troops have been in Sulu since 2006, hunting down and killing alleged terrorists.

For those that don’t know, there’s a HUGE difference between Seabees and Airborne Rangers.

Despite being prohibited by the terms of the Visiting Forces Agreement, there is ample evidence that US troops have long been engaged in combat operations in the Philippines.

The US troops in the Philippines….. also join actual operations against “insurgent” or “terrorist” groups. “They help in ‘neutralizing’ high-profile targets,” Gadian said.

Philippine and US soldiers attack mosque in Jolo

RP confirms US soldiers fired guns in Jolo

Undersecretary Edilberto Adan, the commission's executive director, described the acts of the US forces as 'a justified response.'

Alleged irregularities in the handling of funds for the Balikatan exercises did not just happen in 2007. It is a “dirty pattern" that has been going on in the Philippine military’s annual joint exercises with US troops under the Visiting Forces Agreement.
-GMA News

Bayan USA

Surrender Smith

Friday, October 2, 2009

Filipino American History

October is Filipino American History Month.

Timeline by Filipino American National Historical Society

Filipino Migration to the US


SF State

CSU Chico

Peak Oil

San Francisco’s Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force

Fat Cats and Bigga Fish

Now that I have your attention, check out this video where Joe Saluzzi tells it like it is (i.e. it's a rigged game):
"Hope is not an investment strategy."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Incompetence of OPD

Were they just trying to relive one of their darkest moments?


Suspect in Oakland police standoff turns self in
The Associated Press
Posted: 09/26/2009 12:06:57 AM PDT
Updated: 09/26/2009 07:07:20 PM PDT

OAKLAND, Calif.—Police have arrested an alleged gunman they believe led them into a 10-hour standoff at the same building where two Oakland officers were shot in March.
Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason says 20-year-old Antoine Harris turned himself in Saturday and was being questioned by detectives.
The standoff began Friday when a 21-year-old man was shot and wounded in East Oakland.
Police thought Harris fled into the apartment building, but the Alameda County sheriff's SWAT team found no one when they stormed the unit Friday night.
On March 21, parolee Lovelle Mixon fatally shot two officers at the building after they stormed it. Mixon, 27, had earlier killed two other officers during a traffic stop. Police later shot and killed him.

For 10 hours, both Oakland AND Alameda County SWAT Teams pointed their guns at an empty building. They diverted traffic away from the entire neighborhood. An OPD helicopter hovered overhead for the entire duration of the “standoff.” Newspaper reports even said that the Oakland SWAT team didn’t want to go into the building, and asked an Alameda County SWAT team to go in instead. When a team did finally enter the building, they found nothing. It is questionable whether or not the suspect ever went into the building in the first place. Seems like OPD has big time PTSD, and subconsciously cried out for closure from the Lovelle Mixon incident.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prostate Cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
Know your PSA!
And make sure that your elders know their PSA!

American Cancer Society

Us Too

California Prostate Cancer Coalition

Zero Cancer

Monday, September 21, 2009


Decriminalization is more important than legalization.
And only rich kids can open up a store.
And when you only take cash or trade
And you can’t open up a bank account
But you can count it all in your head
Even though you got tracked out of school
Cuz you didn’t have a mom or a dad
And they didn’t teach you
Cuz they didn’t either
Nor their grandparents neither
Cuz they were treated like commodities
And families were split up
In order to build up this government
That thinks it’s entitled to a cut
Of your money
That you made
Doin what you had to do
To survive.

Town Biz

Medical Marijuana's High Society

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mark Anthony Barmore

Killer Cops in Illinois

Barmore, a lifelong Rockford resident, was spotted Aug. 24 by patrol officers Oda Poole and Stan North outside the Kingdom Authority International Ministries Church he occasionally attended. Wanted for questioning in a domestic dispute, Barmore ducked into the adjoining House of Grace Daycare and Preschool. Police followed.

Authorities say the officers and Barmore struggled over a police gun, leading both officers to shoot. Witnesses, however, including the Rev. Melvin Brown's wife and teenage daughter, say Barmore came out of a storage closet where he had hidden and surrendered, but police shot him anyway in front of young children.

Barmore died at the scene of a gunshot wound to the neck and several to the back, said Winnebago County coroner Sue Fiduccia, who declined to give details citing pending tests.
-Associated Press

OPD Scobode 2009

Lovelle Mixon

Parnell Smith

Brownie Polk

Friday, September 18, 2009

Desperate, killer cop playing race card

Attorneys for killer cop Johannes Mehserle are crying about Alameda County’s 13.5% black population, and are begging to move the trial to a whiter, potentially more racist county. You read that right. They’re looking for a county that has less than 13.5% black people.

Corporate PR Spin

(Defense Attorney) Rains compared the factors surrounding Mehserle's case to those surrounding the case of Rodney King, an African-American man who was beaten by several members of the Los Angeles Police Department. The beating was captured on video and received extensive coverage in the media, and attorneys defending the accused police officers won a change-of-venue motion.
-Paul T. Rosynsky
Oakland Tribune, 9/14/09

The "factors" that are similar are that in both cases, white police officers were caught on film over-reacting when given the opportunity to power trip over a black man, and the defendants were clearly guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and EVERYONE knows it.
Justice was certainly NOT served by that change of venue.

Another View

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Raiders got jobbed.


Yes, Louis Murphy needs to learn how to secure the ball better. Yes, I know what the rules are. But do you also know that the refs on the field called it a TD, and that the video evidence was far from being conclusive beyond a reasonable doubt?

"When you spend that much time in the booth, obviously, it wasn't that obvious."
-Raiders Coach Tom Cable

Richard Seymour played on a team that enjoyed favorable officiating his entire career (including “The Tuck” during his rookie season), but in his first game as a Raider? Less than an hour after his old team got a game-winning TD on a similar play, his new team had their momentum sabotaged by this call.

Welcome to the Nation homie.

Only Raider fans can understand what it is like to be repeatedly ripped off, suffering the indignation of being the world’s laughingstock.
But we know that all the hatred stems from bitter jealousy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is what's up

If you want to know anything about me, you should know that I hold it down.
I have a tendency to root for the underdog, cuz I'm from a small town that has big city aspirations. I can live in the country, in the forest, in the jungle, in the mountains, on the coast, on an island, in the city, and even in the inner city. I currently reside deep in East Oakland, and I love every minute of it.
I ride my bike to and from the BART station every day without headphones blocking out the reality of these streets. It’s important to see the big picture, but you can only appreciate the details when you’re on the ground, poundin the pavement.
I eat healthy, thanks to my wife.
I drink tecate, bud light, or mgd, depending on what’s on sale. It’s a great day when I can scrape together $2.50 for a slice of pizza and a root beer. I shop at the swap meet and thrift town, and occasionally at the Salvation Army when they have a sale.
I’m down for the rack at all times, but only from corporations like Wal-Mart and the government. I am, however, extremely pissed at everyone who breaks into my car at the BART station every time I have to drive.
I get up for all forms of revolution, especially music and graff, but you better handle your crew, cuz a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
I love my family and all my friends. You all know who you are. I don’t have any enemies, but there might be a couple of haters out there who fantasize about me caring enough to dislike them. There shouldn’t be any, but who knows.
I may not be associated, but I can press, wear you out with my defense, put your stamina to the test.
I don’t need to be in the spotlight, but you will feel my presence anyway. Like humidity, hard to quantify, but making you sweat.
I believe in transparency, but I can keep a secret. I AM NOT A SNITCH, and am not down with anyone who is.
You can have your wine, your priuses, your iphones, the 49ers, art galleries, fixed gear bicycles, fauxhawks, 401(k)s, tight pants, twitter accounts, and whatever else mtv is telling you is cool. Im chillin deep in the pocket and aint about to unlock it.