Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OPD pre-holiday drug sweeps

Coke don’t grow in the ghetto
Guns ain’t made in the hood

For Christmas this year, OPD wants to prosecute 100 Oaklanders for drug trafficking
"A lot of it is a fishing expedition," he said. "It starts with crummy little infractions: riding your bike on the sidewalk, or you have a dog without a leash, a taillight out, something like that. It lets us stop you and talk to you, and from there maybe we can find some probable cause, a way to legally find the drugs. A lot of people who don't know what police are doing see that and call it harassment."

Oh, we know they’re profiling. And it IS harassment.
Help from the several communities in which open-air drug markets operate is limited, Seder said. Many people say they won't help police for fear of becoming known as a snitch and facing violent retribution, he said.
"But if you're not going to stand up for the place you live in, what will you stand up for?" Seder said. “The neighborhood ends up being tacitly involved, in a sense, with the permissive attitude."

Cops want citizens to snitch, but cops don’t tolerate snitching amongst their own ranks. It’s probably the most sacrilegious thing a cop could do. Cops even refuse to admit their own mistakes, or admit the mistakes of their fellow cops. No one circles the wagons like cops do. No one. Their constant whining and complaining about citizens not snitching on each other is probably THE most hypocritical thing about cops.

Merry Christmas.