Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OPD pre-holiday drug sweeps

Coke don’t grow in the ghetto
Guns ain’t made in the hood

For Christmas this year, OPD wants to prosecute 100 Oaklanders for drug trafficking
"A lot of it is a fishing expedition," he said. "It starts with crummy little infractions: riding your bike on the sidewalk, or you have a dog without a leash, a taillight out, something like that. It lets us stop you and talk to you, and from there maybe we can find some probable cause, a way to legally find the drugs. A lot of people who don't know what police are doing see that and call it harassment."

Oh, we know they’re profiling. And it IS harassment.
Help from the several communities in which open-air drug markets operate is limited, Seder said. Many people say they won't help police for fear of becoming known as a snitch and facing violent retribution, he said.
"But if you're not going to stand up for the place you live in, what will you stand up for?" Seder said. “The neighborhood ends up being tacitly involved, in a sense, with the permissive attitude."

Cops want citizens to snitch, but cops don’t tolerate snitching amongst their own ranks. It’s probably the most sacrilegious thing a cop could do. Cops even refuse to admit their own mistakes, or admit the mistakes of their fellow cops. No one circles the wagons like cops do. No one. Their constant whining and complaining about citizens not snitching on each other is probably THE most hypocritical thing about cops.

Merry Christmas.

Hollow Points

Winchester to Deliver 200 Million 40-Cal. Rounds to Homeland Security

By Editor Monday, December 14, 2009
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Winchester Ammunition was recently awarded a contract by the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security to supply a maximum of 200 million, 40 cal. rounds over the next five years.
The load selected for this contract is a 135-grain, hollow point designed for the office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection. It will fall under the Winchester Ranger line.

Anyone care to speculate on why ICE might need to shoot off 4,566 hollow points every hour of every day for the next 5 years? Is this government waste (an end of budget spending spree), or a sign of things to come?

There are only 307 million people in the US. 15,000 of whom work for Homeland Security.

Hollow point bullets are NOT used for target practice. Their sole purpose is to kill a living target (or at least to scare the living shit out of a living target). American soldiers fighting terrorists are not allowed to use hollow point bullets. The Geneva Convention prohibits their use internationally. However, the Geneva Convention does NOT prohibit their use domestically.
These 200,000,000 hollow point bullets are clearly intended for use on THIS side of the border.

The 135 grain bullets have less penetration/stopping power than heavier rounds, but they are lighter to carry more of them. They are intended for use in sub-machine guns (like an MP10), not pistols. Such weapons are used for “room clearing,” NOT self-defense. It seems like whoever made the purchase was thinking about preparing ICE agents for major firefights rather than simply self-defense at close quarters.

Also, an order of this magnitude will clearly decrease the amount of ammunition being manufactured for other customers. Not just retail sale, but also sales to local law enforcement agencies. Was this also part of the agenda?

Friday, December 18, 2009

"Fundamentally it's really an issue of funding"

Check out these choice nuggets from a recent Tribune article.

"Bay Area roadways are in horrible disrepair, according to a new report that says state highways in Oakland and San Francisco are the second-worst in the nation and are only going to get worse without a significant infusion of cash."

And where will this money come from? The quick answer is the feds, which means China. Do they want to invest in better California roads? Are cars really the transport mechanism of the future? The Chinese seem to prefer bikes and trains in their own country.

"What's more, nearly 50 percent of Bay Area bridges and overpasses are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete."

Yes, half of all bridges and overpasses. Considering how there are more and more people living under these bridges and overpasses these days, someone should be concerned.

"With California's population continuing to grow, the state must improve its system of roads, highways, bridges and public transit to spark economic growth, avoid business relocations, and ensure the safety, the report said."

It's good news that people still want to come to California, and those people deserve better than outdated thinking.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is HAARP?

Watch Jess Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" on HAARP.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Arroyo Declares Martial Law in Maguindanao

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has placed Maguindanao under a state of martial rule and authorities quickly arrested the patriarch of a powerful political clan linked to the brutal slayings of 57 people in the southern province.

In a press conference in Manila on Saturday, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the martial rule in Maguindanao will allow authorities to arrest without warrants all those implicated in the killings and bring order in the province.
-Mindanao Examiner

“Proclamation No. 1959 is totally uncalled for,” Anakpawis secretary-general Cherry Clemente said, adding that it may be the start of Arroyo’s attempt to cling to power as her term approaches its end in June 2010.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Healthy Food in the Hood

This is ultimately the problem:

So the answer is obviously localization, right?
But what if you live in the concrete jungle?
Watch food activist Bryant Terry talk about quasi-apartheid in the food system, and advocate for projects that address food insecurity in the “food deserts” of low-income communities.

So how do we start to achieve "Food Justice?"
In this clip, he joins forces with Jason Harvey of the Oakland Food Connection during an organic soul party.

Jason Harvey talks about a
Rooftop garden
project in East Oakland.

And because “You can’t live on a corner store,” The People’s Grocery

If you made it through all of those, congratulations, here is your parting gift:
The Hood Diet