Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Raiders got jobbed.

Yes, Louis Murphy needs to learn how to secure the ball better. Yes, I know what the rules are. But do you also know that the refs on the field called it a TD, and that the video evidence was far from being conclusive beyond a reasonable doubt?

"When you spend that much time in the booth, obviously, it wasn't that obvious."
-Raiders Coach Tom Cable

Richard Seymour played on a team that enjoyed favorable officiating his entire career (including “The Tuck” during his rookie season), but in his first game as a Raider? Less than an hour after his old team got a game-winning TD on a similar play, his new team had their momentum sabotaged by this call.

Welcome to the Nation homie.

Only Raider fans can understand what it is like to be repeatedly ripped off, suffering the indignation of being the world’s laughingstock.
But we know that all the hatred stems from bitter jealousy.