Friday, September 18, 2009

Desperate, killer cop playing race card

Attorneys for killer cop Johannes Mehserle are crying about Alameda County’s 13.5% black population, and are begging to move the trial to a whiter, potentially more racist county. You read that right. They’re looking for a county that has less than 13.5% black people.

Corporate PR Spin

(Defense Attorney) Rains compared the factors surrounding Mehserle's case to those surrounding the case of Rodney King, an African-American man who was beaten by several members of the Los Angeles Police Department. The beating was captured on video and received extensive coverage in the media, and attorneys defending the accused police officers won a change-of-venue motion.
-Paul T. Rosynsky
Oakland Tribune, 9/14/09

The "factors" that are similar are that in both cases, white police officers were caught on film over-reacting when given the opportunity to power trip over a black man, and the defendants were clearly guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and EVERYONE knows it.
Justice was certainly NOT served by that change of venue.

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