Monday, March 29, 2010

Civil War?

‘Patriot’ hate groups grew by 244% in 2009
It shouldn't be news to anyone that the Radical Right has been shitting themselves ever since a black man was elected president. Well, they've been organizing.
An "astonishing" 363 anti-government or "Patriot" groups appeared in 2009, with the totals going from 149 groups to 512, according to a report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
-Raw Story

And now the government is responding. The Feds recently carried out raids in three different states.
"They took over the block like it was the Army. I thought we were being invaded," said Michael Morin, who lives two lots away.
-Washington Post

The raids were conducted against a group called the "Hutaree," who planned to incite an armed struggle against the government by killing police officers:
The group's alleged plot appears to have required killing a cop at a traffic stop, or after a faked 911 call. Then, the group planned to attack the funeral of that officer — in order to wreak further havoc by killing even more government and law-enforcement officials who would have gathered to mourn.

And then last week, an internet post from an alleged Marine Sergeant warned anti-government groups against taking up armed struggle:
… There are no second chances, no time for regrets, and no do-overs. This is not Call of Duty.
Now I ‘d like to disperse a myth here – many of you think that US military would not fight civilians. I can’t speak for all, but in my case – the moment you declare civil war, you’re no longer civilians. The moment you attack the constitution, you’re now enemies of that constitution. And I swore to defend and support and if necessary give my life for that Constitution and utilize every tool, technique, and weapon at my disposal to do so. And trust me, I’m not alone.
-An article I wish I would never have to write

Fortunately, not everyone has lost their mind. Here's an interesting response to the above post:
The US Marine’s letter, whether real or not, serves as a warning that the military option will be readily used against American citizens. The Marine is correct that Americans cannot win in a Civil War. But the American people can employ other options.

We already have a pattern for real, peaceful change. That pattern can be found in the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. The power structure is prepared for Civil War and they will win easily. But they will have a harder time fighting the ‘Soul Force’ of the people.

I'd say that things are getting interesting...