Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Earth's Day

It happened two days before the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, but it was centuries in the making. An oil rig floating a mile over its well went BOOM! and Mother Earth has been bleeding badly ever since.
An oil spill bigger than Massachusetts, Connecticut, AND Rhode Island combined continues unabated in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oil kills, in case you didn't know, and a whole lot of it has been leaked into one of the more ecologically siginifcant areas on the globe. This is some major MAJOR shit. To quote Mike Ruppert, it's "Cataclysmic." The Earth has had a fever for some time, now it is fighting back against the disease of human greed. It ain't just BP. It ain't just Halliburton. It ain't about Bush/Cheney or Obama. The whole damn system of easy living is guilty.
Mama, I'm rockin your jersey and I'm cheering from the stands. Do what you gotta do.

I can hear my mother call
Late at night I hear her call
Oh lord, lord I hear her call
She said, "Father, father it's for the kids
Each and every thing I did.
Please, please don't judge me too strong.
Lord knows I meant no wrong.