Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recall Quan campaign update

A third draft of the petition to recall Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is "almost" ready to be signed by City Clerk LaTonda Simmons. After that, petition author Gene Hazzard will have 160 days to gather 19,109 valid signatures (10% of the residents who voted in the last election) to qualify the measure for the November 2012 ballot.
Just 11 months into her first term, Quan is being blamed by conservatives for layoffs in the Oakland Police Department at a time when the crime rate is rising. She is also being criticized from all sides regarding her handling of the Occupy Oakland movement.
In a nutshell, Quan is being scapegoated for the inevitable collapse of the global infinite-growth paradigm.
"It's so unfair," she said. "I'm the first Asian-American mayor of a major American city. They are not going to take me out without a fight."
-Inside Bay Area