Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anti-Occupy Organizer Outed

Standing for the bankstas comes with a price.
Occupy Oakland sympathizers aren't just targeting cyber attacks at council members and top city administrators; they've also gone after at least one of the organizers of a recently formed anti-Occupy citizens group.

Nancy Sidebotham has been a thorn in the council's side way before tents were ever pitched at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, but she apparently ran afoul of Occupy supporters Monday when a group she helped start, Stand for Oakland, staged a rally decrying recent Occupy Oakland actions.

Sidebotham, a community policing leader and former City Council candidate, got a voice mail Tuesday evening from a man with a Texas-based phone number, saying "Hi Nancy, for some oddball reason your life history seems to have been plastered all over the Internet."

Sidebotham Googled herself and found that just like city leaders, her phone number, address and lots of biographical information had been posted on the file-sharing website

The information, which was likely culled from other public websites, included a nasty note from someone claiming to represent the hacker group Anonymous: "After looking into your background, it has come to our attention that you are involved in a self-aggrandizing political game you should not have involved yourself in, as now you have drawn our attention."
-Inside Bay Area