Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Big O

So apparently, the Oakland Coliseum has now become the "" stadium, and appropriately so.
Oakland is the future. We have historically lead the way in terms of political consciousness, sustainability, diversity, arts, culture, and food. When America was starting to think about rebelling, the Black Panthers and Hells Angels were already making headlines. When Bruce Lee wanted to bring China's secrets to the rest of the world, he did it in Oakland. When the NFL was forced to merge with the upstart AFL, an Oaklander was grinning the widest. When the world was in its greatest need for something fresh and new, it was Hammertime. When peak oil was rearing its ugly head, we gave the world scraper bikes.
Now, as the overinflated bubble of infinite growth/infinite consumption is bursting all over the world, we give professional sports Stadium is really not such a strange name: When the A's are playing, think of it as referring to the thousands of excess unused seats. For the Raiders, it hints at a surplus of empty promises -- nine years since a playoff berth.
The new title sponsor is an online liquidator that offers cut-rate prices on surplus inventories of furniture, clothing, baby supplies, luggage and almost anything but winning seasons.
-Inside Bay Area

Can't think of anything more forward-thinking than a company specializing in liquidating surplus inventories.