Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michio Kaku talks with Amy Goodman

World-renowned nuclear physicist Michio Kaku went on Democracy Now! to talk about the situation in Fukushima, and said that "The utility (TEPCO) here is simply outclassed and overwhelmed."

When the utility says that things are stable, it’s only stable in the sense that you’re dangling from a cliff hanging by your fingernails. And as the time goes by, each fingernail starts to crack. That’s the situation now.
-Michio Kaku

Have no fear though, TEPCO hopes to have the situation under control "by the end of this year."
In the meantime, feel free to heed Prime Minister Naoto Kan's advice to support Fukushima farmers by eating their vegetables.

"Eat them, and enjoy."
-Naoto Kan