Monday, June 13, 2011

"Is this an act of war, gentlemen?"

So last week, Spanish police detained 3 alleged members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective. Then this weekend, someone hacked the IMF's website, and Operation Empire State Rebellion reiterated their demand that the Bernank resign with the release of this video.

This morning, LulzSec posted info on their website proving that they infiltrated the US Senate website.
A cursory investigation does not reveal the exposition of any sensitive data.... This time. Yet one thing LulzSec most certainly acquired was the user/pass combinations of all individuals affiliated with the Senate, and are likely currently actively downloading all their emails.
-Zero Hedge

Oh, and by the way, tomorrow is Flag day, and OpESR has been promising protests/actions nationwide to celebrate.
"Occupy a public space."

Stay tuned, if you can.