Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Robo-signing fraudclosures

"It was a common practice..."

Robo-signing, which involves people signing foreclosure-related court documents and swearing to personal knowledge of the contents when they in fact don't have ANY, came to national attention in the fall.
In response, officials in Michigan, Massachusetts and North Carolina have started combing through filings looking for known robo-signers (like the now infamous "Linda Green"), documenting irregularities in signatures and forwarding their findings to law enforcement, federal regulators and attorneys general.
Massachusetts Register of Deeds John O’Brien has now gone so far as to reject foreclosure documents signed by known robo-signers.
O’Brien is one of a handful of officials nationwide who began pulling court documents following a 60 Minutes story on foreclosure fraud that featured a Palm Beach County homeowner.

On Tuesday, Obrien said he rejected two robo-signed documents submitted to his registry for recording and plans to continue doing so.

“My registry will not be a knowing participant in this fraud against homeowners,” O’Brien said in a statement. “From today forward, lenders be on notice, the Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds will not record robo-signed documents.”
-Palm Beach Post