Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Oakland Inspires Moral Courage

This guy gets it.

It's annoying that the MSM demands to know what the demands are, and they act like no clear message has ever been voiced. In fact, the primary demand has long been articulated very succinctly: Join us.

We have so many varied fronts, all united in the common purposes of getting along, learning from one another, and creating a better world together.
The MSM wants to poke and prod and identify divisions in the movement, and hence the "demands" wedge. They want something to attack, and it needs to be something more tangible than illegal camping. The camp highlights the very important issue of homelessness, but that is just one of many issues. There are too many to list.
The revolutionary aspect of the occupy oakland movement is it's process, and the dialog that results.
That's what this is really about. Dialog.
Everyone has a voice, because we'll only make it together.
Today, Oakland was Berkeley and Berkeley was Oakland.
The dialog continued.
Tomorrow, the movement will grow even more.
We'll find more space and continue the dialog and we'll make a better world.

So to the haters tryin to divide us, I have this to say:
Sit yo ass down, and let us handle this.