Saturday, November 12, 2011

The stakes have been raised

So on Thursday, right before the start of the Raiders/Chargers nationally televised prime time game, a man known as "Alex" was murdered in front of Tully's coffee house near the Occupy Oakland encampment in Oscar Grant Plaza. He was allegedly a resident of the camp, and had gotten into an argument with another camper. Other Occupy Oaklanders intervened and the argument ended. The other camper called some of his homies (allegedly) who showed up and attacked Alex. Once again, Occupy Oakland security forces intervened, and one of the attackers resorted to gun play and fatally shot Alex. None of the attackers were campers, and Oakland Police still have not identified nor caught any of them.
Machine politician Larry Reid and Howard Jordan had to leave the football viewing parties they were attending to come down and capitalize on the tragedy by blaming the month-old protest and calling for its end. Never mind that councilmember Reid's district has NEVER gone a month without a shooting.
Please don't believe the hype.
The violence was not a result of the Ocupy Oakland movement, it was a result of the unjust and corrupt society that the bankstas have created. Violence is an everyday reality on Oakland's streets, a reality that Chief Jordan and Councilmember Reid and Mayor Quan and countless other banksta lapdogs before them have FAILED to address for generations. Let's be honest here, it is a reality that they rely on in order to stay in power.
Another reality is that the Occupy Oakland camp has handled its own security internally for a month without any fatalities, something that the city can not claim. We don't know whom the assailants were, because the police have failed to catch them. We do know that members of Occupy Oakland stopped two altercations that night before one of the outside agitators resorted to gun violence. Further, Alex was not left to die alone and anonymous on the streets like thousands of others have in Oakland. Occupy Oakland medics were immediately on the scene trying to save his life. Even in failure, they provided much more to Alex than the city ever has for one of its citizens.
That is the real story here.
Violence happens in an unjust and corrupt society. At least we care, and at least we tried to do something about. Even more, we are trying to change the conditions that promote lawlessness and callousness.

As the banksta stooges were screaming for an end to the Occupy Oakland camp, someone was shot nearby White House in Washington, DC. Hypocritically, none of them blamed the White House for the violence.

In other news, the city has decided to evict the camp, but an affinity group in the camp had already started making plans to move into an abandoned building. We'll see which move happens first.