Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't let the door hit ya...

OUSD Police Chief Pete Sarna has retired from police work as he is being investigated for a racist tirade he went on in front of two subordinates.
Sarna, who is white, attended the charity golf tournament at the Sequoyah County Club in Oakland on July 18 with two other sergeants from his department, one who is African-American and one who is white. The white sergeant, who filed the complaint, is represented by San Francisco attorney Joe O'Sullivan.

Because the men were drinking alcohol during the Sequoyah event, an officer was called to drive the trio to their homes.

According to O'Sullivan, on the drive to Orinda, where the African-American sergeant lives, Sarna called the African-American sergeant a racial slur "several times, told him that he had no right to live in (the area) because he's African-American, although he didn't use that word, told him he should be hung in the town square because he's African-American ... told him that he would be the last African-American he'd ever hire."

O'Sullivan said Sarna later approached the African-American officer and told him "that thing that happened never happened." The names of the officers involved in the incident were not released.
-Inside Bay Area

Good riddance asshole.