Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our fleet is so much bigger than yours

So a week after China debuted it's very first aircraft carrier ever, the United States sent one of its own carriers to the coast of Vietnam, where leaders from that country got a ride and an airshow. This was the second visit in as many years for the USS George Washington.
Apparently the two countries are over that whole 'war' thing.
China claims nearly all of the South China Sea, which the U.S. has said it has a national interest in making sure freedom of navigation continues in an area home to vital shipping lanes.

Vietnam, the Philippines and several other Asian nations also stake claims to all or part of areas of the sea believed to be potentially rich in national resources. Both counties have looked to the U.S. following recent blow-ups with China over their oil exploration activities. Beijing denies it has interfered, but Hanoi and Manila have accused the communist giant of overstepping its bounds.

Hanoi has reacted sharply, holding live-fire drills in the South China Sea and allowing rare protests to be held for more than two months.

The carrier arrived from Thailand, where it had partied.
George Washington's mission is to ensure security and stability in the 7th Fleet AOR and to be in position to work with our allies and regional partners to respond to any crisis across the operational spectrum as directed.
-Commander, US 7th Fleet