Thursday, May 26, 2011

It was a wonderful tea party while it lasted

This deserves a humongous LMAO!
Desperate Republicans, in the absence of another 911 to hang their hats on, have been trying their hardest and dirtiest to rile up white America against the big bad government that they are always trying to villify (even though they spend quite a bit of time being in control of it). This has led them in recent years to cozy up in bed with the Tea Party, a confused group of people who have way too much time on their hands, and not enough collective intelligence in their collective heads.
Well, events in upstate New York this week threaten to shed light on one of the right wing's biggest contradictions: the fact that their base is comprised primarily of old white people receiving handouts from the big-spending government.
Rarely in recent years has a single, off-year special election -- like the one on Tuesday in a House district in upstate New York -- triggered such nationwide political tremors, or had such negative implications for efforts to bring America's federal debt under control.

Democrat Kathy Hochul won in a solidly Republican district after hammering her opponent for backing a Republican plan in the House to scale back Medicare costs. Medicare is a federal government program that is the biggest single driver of the U.S. deficit, but most voters want it left untouched.

Duh! When you're old and white trash, you have major health problems and you aren't smart enough to think outside of the big pharma box. If you're filthy rich, you can afford your own drugs. If you're not, like the overwhelming majority of right wingers, you have to rely on government welfare-errrrrr, I mean "entitlements" Medicare.
Well, the Republicans found out the hard way that you can't keep a major contradiction like that under wraps forever.
Kudos to the Democrats for successfully exploiting that HUGE opportunity. I'm actually very surprised they could be so competent.

Could this be the beginning of a real class war in America, one where citizens actually vote in their own best interest rather than along party lines?
It is true that Social Security and Medicare are huge problems that need to be dealt with, but rather than allowing the rich to keep raping the poor, leaving the poor to duke it out over the meager scraps we are given, maybe we can all finally start addressing the real problem in the US, which is that huge corporations and the uber rich are NOT paying their fair share of the tax burden.