Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mexico sees more and more dead people

As more and more and bigger and bigger mass graves are being found in Mexico, it is becoming harder and harder for the Mexican government to really claim that it is in fact, the Mexican government.
The head of the National Action Party in Durango, Juan Carlos Gutierrez, an opponent of the governor, said criminal groups composed a "parallel state" in Durango.
"They collect extortion — a kind of tax — and they have armed forces that seem almost like a clandestine army," Gutierrez said. "These are the characteristics of a state: have an army, collect taxes, maintain peace."
But the mass graves reveal that there is no peace, and that powerful criminal groups are doing the killing.
"Mass graves infer organization, sustained presence and the expectation that the site can be protected from discovery for a substantial period," Housworth said.

Well, the Mexican government clearly isn't keeping the peace either.

This is the face of collapse.
New players are eating at the governance table, and now they aren't even bothering with such trivial processes as snap elections, revolutions, or coup d'etats. They aren't bothering to overthrow the existing government. They're just simply setting up their own states within sovereign states.

I'm bullish on earth moving equipment btw.