Friday, May 20, 2011

Left Behind

A new study by Deloitte confirms that the rich will only continue getting richer over the next decade.
From a total of $92 trillion held by the world's richest in 2011, by 2020 the world's millionaire households will possess $202 trillion, or roughly 4 times current global GDP. Even though much of move up is attributed to the wealth surge in the developing world, the biggest beneficiary is, you guessed it, the United States where the millionaires (those with net wealth of at least $1 million), who currently account for $38.6 trillion of total wealth, will see their assets increased by 225% to $87.1 trillion! And while a comparable study of how much wealth the lower and middle classes are set to lose over the next decade, we are confident that it will be roughly comparable...inversely. So if anyone harbored any illusions that the current status quo was about anything but the rich getting richer, all those can be promptly swiped aside.
-Zero Hedge

Obviously, current Fed policy notwithstanding, this wealth won't simply materialize out of thin air (or a printing press). This wealth will continue to be stolen from the poor (i.e. everyone that isn't a millionaire). Who needs a rapture when you have the Fed and a compliant puppet regime that has only rigged the game in favor of the elite thieves/rapists/cokeheads?

Well, the jokes on the bankstas, cuz even though we're getting left behind monetarily, we'll still be co-habitating with the chosen people in the same physical space on the same finite planet. Their "paradise" will be physically surrounded by billions of starving, pissed off people.
Looking at it that way, I guess the only thing that is going to get left behind is the people's belief in authority, and the subservience that goes along with it.
Can't wait.