Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdoch's wife saves him from a pie in the face

Apparently, even though he turned on many of his subordinates during his testimony before Parliament today, Murdoch chooses his people well.
After Murdoch had given 2 hours of testimony in which he denied any involvement in the phone hacking scandal and pretended that only rogue reporters had engaged in the rather lengthy list of improprieties that led to the downfall of the News of the World tabloid, a protestor rushed the media tycoon with an apparent cream pie. The protestor was thwarted by Murdoch's 3rd and current wife, Wendi Deng (can't wait for footage), who is not an Australian, but apparently tackles like one.
Ah, the benefits of marrying someone less than half your age...
The cream/foam covered protestor was immediately detained by police.
It remains to be seen whether or not Deng, or anyone, can save Murdoch from all of the mud that is flying in his direction.

In a separate hearing today, lawmakers also heard testimony from London police regarding reports that officers took bribes from journalists in exchange for inside information and to ask why the force decided to shut down an earlier phone hacking probe after charging only two people.
The outgoing top cop in London, Sir Paul Stephenson, admitted that 22% of Soctland Yard's press officers had worked for Murdoch's News International at some point in their careers.