Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They be trippin

Bay area cops are off the hook right now.
They've been seeing revolutions on television.
They're seeing youtube footage of passive cops in other countries getting pelted with stones by angry mobs.
In this country, they've been hearing about flash mobs, and copper thefts, and they know that hella stuff is fallin off of trucks these days.
They're working longer shifts.
They're worried about their jobs.
They're worried about their pensions.
They're worried about the Federal government.
They know that thousands of prisoners are committing mass suicide to protest the inhumane conditions that they have kept them in.
They're on steroids.

Ever since the night of the Mehserle verdict, they've been wanting to get in some serious stick time...or worse.

They assassinated a guy in Hayward who had the most high-profile civil case against them on Friday. On Saturday, they killed a 2nd guy in SF in as many weeks, and they didn't just kill him, they made a spectacle of it. They wanted everyone to watch that boy die, hopelessly fighting to live...and even after he stopped fighting too. It was an old-fashioned lynching.
It didn't matter that they had shot him in the back as he ran for his life, because they got it like that. And they want us all to know.