Friday, July 15, 2011

Oakland city job cuts announced

It turns out that fewer jobs will be cut than were officially projected last week, but still more are likely on the chopping block for later in the year.
56 city employees are headed out the door in the next couple weeks, with unions reporting that the deepest impacts will be seen in the physical maintenance of the city.
-Inside Bay Area

Here are some of the casualties:
- The city's long-dwindling Litter Enforcement Program, which enforced illegal dumping laws, is now completely gone.
- The police department will be budgeted for 636 officers this year and 588 next year.
- Starting July 2012, the fire department will close two fire houses per day on a rotating basis.
- The Live Oak Pool at Oakland High School will no longer be open in the summer.
- Elected officials will take a 15% pay cut.

Given that some fuzzy math was used to pass the budget last month, we'll revisit this same situation (or likely an even more dire one) next year, in an even dirtier, more blighted, more overgrown city.