Thursday, July 21, 2011

The story gets crazier

Of all the lunacy going on all over the world right now, San Francisco might be the biggest drama queen of them all.
Specifically, I'm talking about the SFPD shooting of 19 year-old Kenneth Harding over a $2 transit pass, a case which saw three different bombshells dropped today.
1) Police Chief Greg Suhr, fresh from last night's "evacuation" from the Bayview Opera House, struck back by announcing that Harding was killed by a .38 caliber bullet that doesn't match either the guns issued to the cops or the gun allegedly found on a "parolee" identified by a youtube video.
And oh yeah, apparently, that guy either had a different shiny gun-looking object at home than the one he allegedly picks up in a youtube video that doesn't seem to exist on youtube, or the shiny gun-looking object lying on the ground in the youtube video that actually does exist on youtube is totally unrelated to the officer-involved shooting of Harding (as in the handgun was just lying on the sidewalk several yards from where a guy shot himself, and two different witnesses took both guns, and all the shell casings from the scene without several cops seeing anything). In either scenario, at least one gun is missing.
It is also possible that there were no guns other than those being fired by the police. Just because they weren't officially issued a .38 doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't shoot Kenneth Harding with a .38. Also, there were several other armed law enforcement officers on the scene, possibly UCSF security? One officer with a machine gun can be seen in video footage. What other kinds of guns were there?

2) Despite claims that officers had possession of Harding's gun 6 hours after the shooting, police are still seeking the "man in the hoodie." That also means that they raided some other random dude's house and arrested him and took his shiny .45-caliber gun for no reason other than to lie and say that they found Harding's gun (i.e. "proving" that Harding had shot at officers and deserved to be murdered).
However, if the "man in the hoodie" still has Harding's gun, then that means that the "man in the hoodie" really did pick it up off the sidewalk several yards in front of Harding's dying body. That means that Harding shot himself in the head, and then hurled the gun several yards forward. I'm no physicist, but I think that if a man shot himself with his right hand in the right side of his head while running at full speed forward, the gun he used wouldn't end up as far in front of him and as far to his left as the alleged shiny gun-looking object is in the now-infamous youtube video.
It is much more believable that Harding, assuming he had a gun and fired on officers in the first place, instinctively hurled the gun forward once he had already been the police.
Even if you take the "self-inflicted" wound theory seriously, you still have to be concerned that two cops fired 9 or so shots on a busy street, and only one hit the intended target in the leg.
That's the incompetent version of the wild wild west.
Over a $2 transit pass.
Eyewitnesses from the neighorhood claim that Harding was shot 5 times in the back of the neck. I am assuming that this includes people who were close enough to hear, and possibly see, the impact of multiple bullets, but that is only an assumption.

3) The woman in Seattle that Harding is being accused of mudering was not pregnant as previously reported. Hmmm. Who said she was pregnant, and why?